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The Custom Build

sailboat rig.jpg

Estuary Sailboat

Another custom build for the old time traditionalist the Estuary Sailboat model is a perfect fit for those looking to combine both worlds. 


Estuary Hull # 48

Hull number #48 used to make the deck molds for future models. (Garvey 15) In Background 

Copy of Copy of Pfeifer's Boat (3).bmp

Estuary ~Diver Edition~

For our diver hunting enthusiasts looking for the ultimate in safety, comfort, amenities & seaworthyness 

Copy of #35 Estuary 007.jpg

Estuary Camper Edition

For the die-hard over-night duck hunter looking for the ultimate in comfort feeling right at home. 

aaaaaa 001.jpg

Estuary Hull #35

Crafted with a custom spray-shield complete with folding dodger top accessory. Forward grassing rails / aft


Estuary Hull #40

As a fiberglass hull, with a New Jersey cedar deck covered with Dynell Non

Garvey Models

Our customized Garvey 16' Model! 

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